Mastering Virtual Meetings (NEW)

Mastering Virtual Meetings (NEW)

Successful virtual meetings are productive and motivating. They can generate collaboration and trust between team members, regardless of geographical boundaries. Those who master virtual meetings will improve productivity while saving time and money. Participants will learn how to maximize time effectively, generate active and effective participant contributions, and maintain a professional atmosphere.


  • Plan a focused virtual meeting
  • Use facilitation techniques to encourage a wide range of views on discussion topics
  • Understand logistical challenges of virtual meetings
  • Keep the discussion on track while managing an appropriate meeting pace
  • Assign action items and make follow-up plans to conclude a meeting
  • Explain how to evaluate a meeting
  • Close the virtual meeting by assigning action items and making follow-up plans
  • Identify the benefits and challenges to the “anywhere” office and video conferencing
  • Assess your virtual office style(s)

DURATION: 1-Day Program

For information about scheduling and pricing, contact Human Advantage, Inc.


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