Positive Tip – Good News for Growth

Nurturing the mind is an essential key to learn so we may grow and succeed. Human Advantage is happy to provide weekly nurturance.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”  

-Benjamin Franklin

The widely accepted equation of time and effort becomes a clear calculation when seen as energy and persistence in the workplace. Focus changes the “what” into a “how“. With such difference in the “what” into today’s multi-generational workplace the focus of “how” is empowering. How will you focus the talents in your multi-generational workforce? Human Advantage shares some free helpful tips to help navigate these unchartered waters and lead through challenges. In this digital age we work in so many ways that our new normal is not simply due to the pandemic, but the humans that power our businesses. View our training programs and connect to get the most with your workforce; get the Human Advantage!

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