Positive Tip – Be PhD. Shift & Pivot

“Be poor, humble and driven (PhD). Don’t be afraid to shift or pivot.” 

-Alex Rodriguez

It takes many years of effort in learning to achieve a PhD. Time is our resource and investment. The payoff is not the diploma stating achievement, but the wisdom that comes from experiencing that time. Each of us has the life opportunity to be a PhD (poor, humble, and driven) in the way we shift and pivot to manage change in our time. No formal institution is above the institution of living and achieving together. How we shift and pivot to achieve it is our own PhD study. Human Advantage shares some free printable, helpful tips to help navigate leading through challenges. View our training programs and connect to get the most with your workforce; get the Human Advantage!

Nurturing the mind is an essential key to learn so we may grow and succeed. Human Advantage is happy to provide weekly nurturance.

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