Generations Zones in the Workplace

In today’s multi-generational workplace where is your comfort zone? With five different generations working together on our common business task, can we be comfortable?

There is a human vulnerability in stepping outside of our comfort zone. We all have different ones as individuals. We also have some shared ones based on our generation. Using knowledge can help us bridge the vulnerabilities together to lead to better results. Human Advantage shares this helpful chart of generational tips to help navigate this question. This knowledge can help your organization lead through challenges. A quick example is how we use technology in business in this digital age. How does this land in the comfort zone of your management to your workers? Sign up to download these Free Strategy Tools. View our training programs and connect to get the most with your workforce; get the Human Advantage!

Seeing the adjustments and comfort zones of all; remember our human connection is in our vulnerability. Coming out of our comfort zones together can bring cohesion along with production. We facilitate trainings and conversations to make your business step out of the comfort zones and collect together to succeed!

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