Time and Stress Management for the Holidays

Managing time and stress throughout the year can be a challenge. Add a layer of “extra” around this time of year and it may seem distressing. Human Advantage shares a tool to help keep in our balance during this time.

With demands requiring our attention, time, and action we may wonder where to start. Start at the beginning, start with yourself. What we see as our own time and resources is our ability to cope with our perceived demands. Beginning with our ability to cope with our perceived demands guides our internal reactions to stress. Feeling equally balanced we have no stress. To be excited in overcoming an added demand brings positive anticipation called eustress. This is like season’s cheer from going to a holiday party or hosting loved ones. This season’s greeting may fall out of balance and feel distressful when perceived as overwhelming. Things like squeezing in yet another party on the same day of hosting loved ones. Equally distressing is the lack of perceived demands to our ability. Having no demand to attend a holiday party or host loved ones may leave our sense of a blue Christmas.

Starting with our own self, our ability to cope with perceived demands, allows us to determine how we may feel, and plan accordingly. Use this free tool to Understand Stress from Human Advantage to manage your Holiday intentions into a Happy Holiday Season.

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