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Human Advantage

Human Advantage has been a leader in workplace training programs and development for over 30 years. We design and deliver lively, effective training programs and courses that develop talent and improve performance. If you are looking for on-site or virtual facilitators who will invest time in your organization to deliver the specific results you want, you’ve come to the right place.

What We Do

Human Advantage helps organizations achieve their full potential by developing their most important asset–their workforce. Our training programs and courses provide learning opportunities that…

  • Build Workforce Talent
  • Increase Knowledge & Competence
  • Target Your Business Goals


How We Help You

Human Advantage delivers learning solutions with on-site and virtual programs in a manner that both engages the learner and produces desired outcomes. Our training programs and courses are taught using a style that is practical, dynamic, and interactive. Participants are engaged in on-site and virtual programs through discussions, brainstorming, experiential learning activities, individual and group work, self-reflection, and information processing.

We work with our clients to identify opportunities for improvement and solutions. We analyze needs and select the most appropriate strategy, methodologies, and content to maximize the learning experience and impact.


Services Offered

We provide the following services to help you and your organization grow and reach full potential:

  • Coaching— Personalizes help and support for individuals handling challenging situations, learning new skills, and working to change behaviors.
  • Competency Identification — Identifies skills, knowledge, and personal traits needed for success in a particular function, and evaluates and reports on performance indicators to signal adjustments needed for success.
  • Customization — Modifies program exercises, role-plays, and text materials specific to any industry.
  • Design — Develops meetings, programs, written materials, and events for specific business cultures and environments.
  • Facilitation — Leads group process toward problem-solving, strategic planning, and team building.
  • Keynote Presentations — Delivers lively and interesting programs as part of a training curriculum, conference, trade show, and staff events.
  • Organizational Development — Provides team and individual coaching to support organizational change.

On-Site Training

Our expert facilitators come to you at the location of your choice—saving you time and money. Our on-site programs and courses can also tie into planned functions or retreats to build upon your core messages and goals.


Virtual Training

Our live facilitator, virtual training is dynamic and engaging. Our sessions pair technology-based tools with curriculum-based practices. We use a variety of virtual techniques such as polls, chats, breakout groups, annotation, and other spotlighting activities to keep participants lively and attentive during the sessions. Every program we offer is available virtually with a live facilitator.

Certified by the State of Maryland as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE/DBE#11-002)

Certified by Baltimore City as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE#B-2248)


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