Staying Productive and Positive during the Pandemic

1 Full Day

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our work, our homes, and our routines.  Many people are working from home, isolated from others, while many parents are working from home with a crowd of children, pets, and other adults.  Whatever your situation, distractions, interruptions, and uncertainty abound.  This means adopting new time and stress management principles to provide much needed consistency and stability.

During this session, learn how to get better control over competing priorities and challenging distractions with less emotional and physical wear and tear. Examine strategies to be more efficient and effective with less burnout and less panic. Since the challenges are upon us, we need to develop tools and techniques to help us better manage our time and stress each day to maintain sanity and success.

Course Objectives & Outcomes:

  • Identify individual stressors surfacing during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Demonstrate stress reduction strategies and techniques
  • Describe at least three time management strategies and techniques
  • State effective principles for handling distractions and competing priorities

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