The Exceptional Customer Experience Curriculum Series

1/2 Year Program – 6 Session Curriculum

All customers long for knowledgeable and helpful staff. When your organization meets this need, your customers are loyal, satisfied, and sold. This curriculum retools and motivates the service team by improving product knowledge, building employee engagement, and developing customer savvy communication skills. Give your service team a needed boost.

Program Objectives:

  • Learn ways to “renew” your passion and drive while insulating yourself from negative factors the impact of many forms of communication such as email, body language, facial expressions, tone, etc. in communicating a credible and confident message
  • Speak with greater self-confidence in a group or as a presenter
  • Demonstrate the ability to use words and phrases that enhance the customer experience
  • Identify the key reasons to deliver personalized, responsive, and convenient customer service.
  • Define accountability and transparency as they relate to customer service and creating the desired customer experience.
  • Explain the role of perception in interactions – how you see things/how I see them/how they are

Program Components:

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