The Invincible M.A.S.K.™ Curriculum Series

1/2 Year Program – 6 Session Curriculum

Are you and your team members powerful and confident from the inside out? During the pandemic, the face mask protection minimized the risk of picking up germs from others. During the Invincible M.A.S.K.™ curriculum series, you and your team members learn how to develop an inner core protection from “other viruses” people bring into the workplace that reduce effectiveness and success.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn ways to “renew” your passion and drive while insulating yourself from negative factors
  • Identify thoughts and actions that both help and hinder your personal success
  • Examine the impact of many forms of communication such as email, body language, facial expressions, tone, etc. in communicating a credible and confident message
  • Speak with greater self-confidence in a group or as a presenter
  • Apply techniques to unleash creative and innovative thinking that leads to greater effectiveness

Program Components:

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