Advanced Briefing Techniques

1 Full Day

The employee who can deliver a brief yet convincing, concise, and articulate presentation is the one who will earn the respect of their bosses, coworkers, and customers. Advanced Briefing Techniques is geared to help you enhance your ability to present and communicate your ideas through effectively formatted briefing documents, and a dynamic briefing presentation style. You’ll sharpen your skills, be more influential, keep the audience interested, and learn new ways to field tough questions, ensuring your next briefing presentation is a success. This advanced course will also guide you through non-traditional briefings situations such as giving congressional testimony and dealing with the press.

Course Objectives:

  • Create clear and concise briefing documents
  • Utilize a systematic approach to deliver a briefing
  • Develop effective visuals
  • Handle questions with confidence
  • Demonstrate extemporaneous speaking skills
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