Briefing Techniques and Presentation Skills

3 Full Days – Class Size 15 maximum

In this power packed three day workshop, participants learn to design and deliver a briefing presentation with the pizzazz, polish, and creativity of a seasoned presenter. Whether briefing an executive group or presenting to a large audience, participants learn how to immediately capture the audience’s attention while presenting with precision and clarity.

In addition to the techniques and abilities taught in the 2-day Briefing Techniques workshop, participants develop and practice advanced presentation skills. Presentations are videotaped and self-evaluation is combined with team member feedback. Case study situations are analyzed and participants make decisions before briefing the class during a videotaped presentation.

Briefing Techniques and Presentation Skills, continued

Course Objectives:

  • Make a briefing decision
  • Design and deliver a 3-5 minutes briefing presentation
  • Critique a videotaped presentation
  • Creatively overcome nervousness
  • Identify and cure your annoying and distracting behaviors
  • Capture attention in the first sixty seconds
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