Briefing Techniques

2 Full Days – Class Size 15 maximum

For many in the business world, speaking in front of an audience can be difficult and anxiety-producing. Briefing Techniques will polish your communication skills, and equip you with the tools necessary to become more comfortable, confident, and capable when delivering your next briefing presentation. You will develop your organizational skills and enhance your briefing preparation techniques as you discover strategies to develop and organize your thoughts, learn to speak directly to the audience, field tough questions, and use appropriate visual aids. This two-day workshop is geared specifically to provide the knowledge and skills needed for personnel who are involved in staff briefings, outside presentations, or other speaking activities so the next briefing presentation can be delivered with confidence.

Course Objectives:

  • Utilize a systematic and effective approach to plan, research, and deliver briefings
  • Recognize four different briefing types
  • Demonstrate effective public speaking techniques (tone, volume, gestures, visual aids)
  • Use body language appropriate to the venue
  • Handle “hands-on” speaking situations by answering questions with confidence and refocusing listeners
  • Speak before a group with greater self-confidence
  • Avoid the common barriers of communication
  • Develop a powerful wrap-up
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