Business Writing, Grammar & Proofreading

1 Full Day or 2 Full Days

For many unsuspecting computer users, the easy availability of spell checkers and grammar checkers has provided a false sense of security. Although these word-processing programs may be extremely useful tools, they will not detect many types of errors. As email continues to replace other forms of correspondence in today’s modern business world, writing errors can jumble one’s message, and create an unfavorable personal or company image with the mere click of a button.

Business Writing, Grammar and Proofreading, continued

This one-day program is a great refresher of grammatical rules and basic sentence elements. Participants will learn the mechanics of proofreading as they learn to focus on the most common errors in business and technical writing.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn what causes grammatical errors and how to eliminate them
  • Explore sentence structure, word usage, punctuation, and other common issues in business writing
  • Apply grammar rules successfully in business writing samples
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the standard proofer’s marks
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