Employee Engagement: Fully Engaging the Power of Your People

1 Full Day

Critical to the success of any organization are employee-driven work environments. These are places where employees have ownership, responsibility, and commitment to what they do and where they work. Studies show that when this environment exists, the organization can expect success with critical outcomes such as customer satisfaction, turnover, and productivity. This type of high-involvement workplace does not occur without the influence of leaders. This program will help today’s leaders understand and implement the key practices essential to creating this empowering culture in their organization.

Course Objectives:

  • Define employee engagement
  • Identify and describe the changing values of the workplace
  • List the six areas of organizational life
  • Apply effective engagement techniques to motivate and retain employees
  • Describe how generational differences impact the workplace
  • Identify how to widen the circle of involvement
  • Describe the key attributes of an employee engaging management style
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