Mastering Meetings

½ Day or 1 Full Day

“Oh, no! Not another meeting!” Meetings are considered by many to be a waste of time, an obstruction to productivity and—at best—a break during a busy day. Such perceptions make it nearly impossible to accomplish the goals meetings are scheduled to achieve. Furthermore, bad meetings waste more than time, they waste money.

Fortunately, people can learn new ideas that lead to effective meeting management. This course will teach you reliable techniques for leading effective meetings, enhancing meeting productivity, encouraging meeting participation, and developing useful action plans.

Course Objectives:

  • Plan a focused meeting
  • Start a meeting by reviewing the purpose, desired outcome(s), ground rules, and agenda
  • Use facilitation techniques to encourage a wide range of views on discussion topics
  • Explain the difference between meeting process and meeting content
  • Keep the discussion on track while managing an appropriate meeting pace
  • Assign action items and make follow-up plans to conclude a meeting
  • Explain how to evaluate a meeting
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