Supervisor Success Skills Level 2: Improving Productivity & Performance

1 Full Day

Ensure your employees have the confidence they need to succeed as a manager. This program is designed for managers, supervisors, and team leaders.  It will provide the skills to communicate effectively, provide feedback on performance, and create an environment that is motivating and encouraging. Legal issues related to the workplace will also be reviewed.

This training will guide leaders to use leadership approaches to achieve improved productivity and performance when working with employees and others. Participants explore the communication process and identify the vital role of the supervisor in maintaining effective communication links within the organization. It will also develop the participant’s interpersonal skills in communicating with individuals and the team.

Course Objectives:

  • Define leadership principles and practices
  • Demonstrate use of effective communication techniques to include problem solving words & phrases, empathy, and active listening in situations with others
  • Apply feedback that will help people enhance their performance by providing them with feedback they are willing to accept and upon which they are able to act
  • Explain legal issues as they relate to their management role
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