The Leadership Journey

1 Year Program – 12 Session Curriculum

The purpose of this yearlong effort is to direct and support leadership development within an organization. The goal is to provide learning opportunities that challenge individuals and teams to look for innovative solutions to work related problems while learning to build effective team skills and relationships. The curriculum offers a sound environment for the examination of workplace values, employee engagement and retention, technical enhancements, organizational culture, and professional competencies.

Programs are interactive. Participants brainstorm, discuss, problem-solve, self-assess, and reflect on a variety of topics. Teams are established to work on job-related topics, and then lead through a problem-solving process, concluding with a team recommendation. Leaders present their departmental expertise, and additional events and activities are coordinated to complete the leadership learning process. Team recommendations are made to management in a presentation, and a recognition luncheon completes the yearlong initiative. Note: Sessions are custom-designed and organized to best meet the needs of an organization. 

Program Objectives:

  • Develop a better understanding of the business and industry environment that encompasses their organization
  • Demonstrate how to improve teamwork, group performance, and individual effectiveness when working with others
  • Connect across functional lines with others within their organization to understand and value significant business initiatives while building internal networks
  • Work on a live, work-related improvement project for the organization

Program Components:

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