1 Full Day or 2 Full Days

This Train-the-Trainer program explores key issues in designing, developing, and implementing a training program for adult learners. Participants examine strategies for powerful design, effective implementation, and successful delivery. Most instructors have never been taught to teach, so when called upon to conduct a workshop or run a class, they do so in much the same way that they learned back at school…but there are significant differences between training and education.  During this course, you will develop your skills to design and conduct effective training as a catalytic, participative, dynamic, and action-oriented instructor. You will learn how to create learning experiences that change behavior and lead to improved performance at work.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the key principles in helping adults learn
  • List trainer strategies that remove learning obstacles
  • Involve learners in lectures
  • Identify techniques for handling classroom challenges
  • Describe at least six types of training methods
  • Develop assessment tools
  • Structure and format course design
  • Evaluate training success and weakness
  • Increase participant accountability:
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