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Our live-facilitator, virtual training is dynamic and engaging. Our sessions pair technology-based tools with curriculum-based practices. We use a variety of virtual techniques such as polls, chats, breakout groups, annotation, and other spotlighting activities to keep participants lively and attentive during the sessions.

We deliver learning solutions in a manner that both engages the learner and produces desired outcomes. Our programs are taught over the best webinar platforms using a style that is practical, dynamic, and interactive. Participants are engaged using a cadre of computer-based tools to enhance discussions, brainstorming, experiential learning activities, individual and group work, self-reflection, and information processing.

Letter from staff at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland states:
“…Staff have continued to talk about how much they appreciated the training, and about your skill as teacher and facilitator…thank you for sharing your expertise, your information, and your humor with us.”

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