Training Program Information


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Program Services

We provide the following services to help you and your organization grow and reach full potential:

  • Coaching— Personalizes help and support for individuals handling challenging situations, learning new skills, and working to change behaviors.
  • Competency Identification — Identifies skills, knowledge, and personal traits needed for success in a particular function, and evaluates and reports on performance indicators to signal adjustments needed for success.
  • Customization — Modifies program exercises, role-plays and text materials specific to any industry.
  • Design — Develops meetings, programs, written materials, and events for specific business cultures and environments.
  • Facilitation — Leads group process toward problem solving, strategic planning and team building.
  • Presentations — Delivers lively and interesting programs as part of a training curriculum, conference, trade show, and staff development events.
  • Organizational Development — Provides group and individual intervention to within a framework for organizational change.

Program Formats

Programs are interactive. Participants brainstorm, role play, discuss, problem solve, self-assess, and reflect. A variety of activities are used with each program to keep participants engaged.

Partial List of Key Note Presentations

  • Child Care Conference, Carroll Community College, Speaker for 10 years
  • NSA, “Customer Service”
  • GSA, “Writing for the Professional”
  • Washington Navy Yard, “Motivating Employees to Give Their Best”
  • HHSU, “Briefings and Presentation Skills”
  • GPO, “Cashing in on Creativity”
  • TSA, “Office Politics”
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