Our Programs

Human Advantage offers a wide selection of training and professional development services. All of our training programs can be delivered on-site or virtually, individually or as a series of modules. We work with our clients to identify opportunities for improvement and solutions. We analyze needs and select the most appropriate strategy, methodologies, and content to maximize the learning experience and impact.

We are happy to respond to your organization’s unique or complex training needs by designing a custom training program or curriculum. We can also tailor any of our existing courses based on your audience and the nature of your training needs.

We are constantly updating, expanding, and refining our programs. If you are interested in a course that is not listed in our program catalog, please contact us.

Program Format

We deliver learning solutions in a manner that both engages the learner and produces desired outcomes. Our programs are taught using a style that is practical, dynamic, and interactive. Participants are engaged in discussions, brainstorming, experiential learning activities, individual and group work, self-reflection, and information processing.

  • On-Site Training
    Our expert facilitators come to you at the location of your choice—saving you time and money. Our on-site programs can also be tied into a function that is already planned and can build on your core messages and goals. Learn more about On-Site Training.
  • Virtual Training
    Our virtual facilitator is dynamic and engaging. We use a variety of virtual techniques such as polls, chats, breakout groups, annotation, and other activities to keep participants engage and attentive during the sessions. Learn more about Virtual Training.

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Services Offered

We provide the following services to help you and your organization grow and reach full potential:

  • Coaching— Personalizes help and support for individuals handling challenging situations, learning new skills, and working to change behaviors.
  • Competency Identification — Identifies skills, knowledge, and personal traits needed for success in a particular function, and evaluates and reports on performance indicators to signal adjustments needed for success.
  • Customization — Modifies program exercises, role-plays, and text materials specific to any industry.
  • Design — Develops meetings, programs, written materials, and events for specific business cultures and environments.
  • Facilitation — Leads group process toward problem-solving, strategic planning, and team building.
  • Keynote Presentations — Delivers lively and interesting programs as part of a training curriculum, conference, trade show, and staff events.
  • Organizational Development — Provides team and individual coaching to support organizational change.

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Training Programs

Since 1988, Human Advantage has designed and delivered lively, effective professional development training programs. We are able to develop programs on new topics in order to meet an organization’s particular needs. We customize existing course materials to include specific client-related examples. Select from our full list of courses below.

Course Curriculum:

Individualized Courses:

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