Creating the New Normal – Moving Forward during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Half Day

Working remotely has been the new normal for many of us since March 2020. Our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life have been impacted by the global health situation.

During the session, “Creating the New Normal – Moving Forward during the Coronavirus Pandemic,” participants examine the new ways they have been working since the global health situation created the stay-at-home setting.  Participants reflect on the abilities, skills, and knowledge that have been developed during this experience to look for ways to move forward with these qualities.   The course will review the environment, mindset, and priorities important to effectiveness and success.

Course Objectives & Outcomes:

  • Examine what is “new” and “normal” in the “now”
  • Reflect on the improved self
  • Examine priorities for effectiveness and success moving forward
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