Coaching Superior Performance

1 Full Day

For managers and supervisors, the coaching approach means directing employees by influence rather than by control. In Coaching Superior Performance, you will cultivate an interactive, logical, and mutually respectful coaching approach to management focused on developing employees to become self-sufficient superior performers. Participants will explore the concept of coaching and counseling for performance as they learn about the manager as a coach, counselor, partner, and mentor. You will learn and practice techniques and skills which lead to improved performance in a positive, supportive, and unequivocal manner. You will return to work with specific communication skills you can use that very day as you help your staff achieve their fullest potential.

Course Objectives:

  • Define and list the basic tenets of effective coaching and counseling
  • Demonstrate the use of questions and active listening to assist employees
  • Describe and define how to use three forms of feedback
  • Assess your personal coaching style
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