Conflict Resolution

1 Full Day or 2 Full Days

Conflict in the workplace is disruptive and can cause a wide range of problems such as low productivity, low morale, high stress levels, and turnover. Most people tend to walk away from conflict hoping that it will somehow work itself out, which only exacerbates the problem in the long term. Since conflict in the workplace is inevitable, managing it effectively is essential to those involved in the conflict as well as to the organization as a whole.

Learn how to approach people in a way that minimizes their defensiveness and hostility while reducing stress. Learn to use practical skills that will help you improve your relationships with managers and co-workers. Additionally, discover how to communicate effectively under pressure and how to problem solve for win-win results.

Course Objectives:

  • Define, recognize, and understand “conflict”
  • Self-identify “hot buttons” and conflict management styles
  • Take emotional responsibility when resolving conflicts
  • Learn to uncover, define, and discuss the real problem
  • Learn how to ask questions appropriately and listen objectively
  • Develop an action plan for resolving conflict
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